Sunday, February 25, 2007

wedding maddness

Wedding Maddness is OVER!!

The cakes finished baking thursday. Friday they were frosted, pecan-ed, and assembled. They turned out perfect! Saturday was the big day! Becky looked gorgeous and Phil looked very handsome! They couldn't be happier. The final touches were done to the cake and the pictures were taken (of the bride and groom of course!). The reception began and was beautiful! Those who were there were blown away by it; it was enchanting!

We are exhausted, drained, and have no time to rest... we're moving this week!! Yikes!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Hodge Podge

Wedding Cake Countdown

It begins, the baking of the wedding cake. Today (tuesday, the 20th)I'm doing the 6" and 9" tiers. So far, it's going well, but incredibly slow. Benji is being very clingy today. Perhaps that's because he's fallen twice and is now scarred for life. He will be frightened of heights - a mere 2 inches will drive him to wetting his pants and sobbing himself into asthma attacks.

Saddness aside, the cakes are coming out quite nicely.

Ribbon Cutting

Here you go; stop your whining! It's the grand opening of the phone replacement! Now I don't have to call anyone, I can just blog you to death. I'm not quite sure what goes in a blog, or if you're even going to look at this, but it's the end of the headache-inducing complaints of "you never stay in touch," or "you're absolutely shameful at calling me," or "you obviously hate me, you never talk to me." Now folks, I do care (I can hear you now, "if you really cared, you'd call" - stop it), I just detest the phone. We did get new phones today, so that's a good sign - we still use them. This blog has been created so you can be informed of our lives. Check whenever you like, or don't check at all. You can watch Benji grow up and all the other kiddos that come our way. You can even see what we're up to, but let's not pretend, we know you'll skip that stuff. Be patient as I learn the ropes and figure out what's boring and what's incredibly boring and I'll settle somewhere in the middle. Apparently you're supposed to share your opinions on these things, I may do that every once in a while... if I muster up the courage. Feel free to reply back (not on the opinion thing though, if it's my opinion you're not entitled to a different one) and let us know what you think and what you're doing as well.

All my bags are packed... or not!

Well, we have just a little over a week until we move upstate! It is so exciting to be going up there, though it will be also hard to leave our family and friends choking on our dust, weeping and wailing, planning their demise. However, it must be done, greener pastures await us...

We spent much of the weekend packing and getting things ready, Benji's is sooo incredibly active now! He never wants to sit, just stand. He holds onto any ledge and just giggles for minutes (what probably seem like hours to him)... but when I say minutes, I mean 30 or longer. It's quite impressive. He is going to be a climber: I have visions of him climbing on our roof and knocking on the skylight. Benji's favorite thing to do is to grab my shoulder trying to climb up on top of, wiping his drool and food crumbs as he goes. He is done with soft food, bring on the chewy stuff! He chews and swallows almost as well as I do, even without a single tooth. He drinks from cups and eats bananas like an adult.

This week we're packing and getting ready for Becky's wedding. She's getting married saturday; we're super excited! Most of this week I'll be packing and baking the wedding cake... I'll post pictures of the wedding and cake later. Benji will be super cute in his suit, so will Nick in his tux. There's soo much going on this week, it's incredible!