Saturday, June 14, 2008

promised slide show

book signing

well, lots has been going on, but I'll talk about that later. We recently went to a book signing for Lee Child; he's one of our favorite authors! His character is Jack Reacher, and he is awesome! My eyes hurt from squinting at the screen (the computer is in the room facing the HUGE windows with the sunlight streaming in) for so long uploading all the photos from the past few weeks. I was set on uploading and updating the blogs and such, but it's taking forever to get everything to do what I say. I want to share lots of the photos we took (hunderds and hundreds), so I decided to make a slide show, but it's taking forever. I'm getting off topic. I'd explain more about the books, but I'm just too tired to. Lee Child is a fabulous author. We went to this book signing, kids in tow (the only ones there by the way). It started at 2 in which he'd discuss the book, etc. It was great to hear about all he had to say, and really he was a normal guy. For some reason I always think "famous" people are like 8 feet tall in real life, but nope, he was a normal, non-giant sized guy. Then, about 3:45 we got to get our book signed (long long line). Benjamin's asleep in Nick's arms, completely bored and wiped out with all these adults standing around. Jenee's still in the baby bjorn, killing my back and shouders, happily sucking on my shoulder. We're in line, trying to think of what to say. Finally we step up, I hand him the book and say "hi". that's it. HI. no real excitement, no crazy inflection, nothing implied (except maybe exhaustion). He asks "who is this little thing?" "oh, this is jenee' (pause, pause, and more pause), oh this is benjamin, too" he says "have they been here the whole time? I didn't hear them once!" "yup, we've been here since before it began." he finishes signing it and we say "thanks" and walk out the door. could we be any more riveting?? I thought of at least 5 other things to say to him that weren't necessarily exciting, but they were intellegent. -- my side beef -- why do people always say that when they're surprised your children have been good. "i didn't even hear them, or know they were here" I always wonder about that. do they think most children just stand in one place and scream at the tops of their lungs non-stop? one straight 2 hour scream?? i think it's silly, but then they may not have any clue about children. --

anyway. we read the book. Nothing to Lose (the title). lame lame lame. it turned into a crazy idiotic politic rant of at least 5 touchy issues, with a lame plot and story. the main character, jack reacher, went against nearly everything he's stood for in the previous 11 books. example: he was born in the raised in the military, worked in the military, fights for it after retirement, etc - he still lives and loves and breathes the military code and law, blah blah blah. now, he apparently hates anything to do with war and the military. things like that. i won't go on much more, except, I still love Lee Child's previous books. Those were the bomb diggity. Not this one. I'll try the next one, but I'll be expecting him to still have let go of all his values, morals, and good characteristics to be replaced by just plain idiocy.

it was still fun to go to the book signing.