Sunday, March 30, 2008

*making changes

I haven't made a decent post in about a year, surprise surprise. Things have changed quite a bit lately, we're in a different state, a new job, new children, new opportunities, and starting to get tans.

We're in Cypress, TX, Nick's working in Health insurance, jenee' was born (you got that update though), we're making friends and I'm starting a new business (teaching Sign language to babies, toddlers, and children/parents of all ages), and it's getting warm and we're outside all the time, so my tan is getting ready to blossom. You'll see pictures when I'm camera ready. I know that previous sentence broke all grammar laws, but I don't particularly care at this moment.

We love it down here! It's been fun to be back here, even though it's almost completely different from when I lived here 7 years ago. Benjamin is constantly playing in the back yard throwing balls, or in the house pushing his cars around. He's mastering his puzzle skills, but has yet to really blossom in his finger painting ones. He's definitely a minimalist, he puts two dabs on the paper and then smears the rest on his hands and face; he's just discovering what paint can do. It's really cute! Jenee' is almost rolling over (she did roll off the couch last week - oops!), she gets to her side very easily, and is almost to her tummy. She sits up with props, and she'll stand up if you hold her hands. She is one strong little girl! Her hair is getting thicker on top of her head, and she smiles all the time! She does this bashful smile thing, where she pulls up her blanket (or dress) and covers her mouth. Sometimes she'll bat her lashes at you too. Benjamin is pretty cute with her, he tries to give he high fives all the time. She also gives her "knuckles" - as my friend Shauna taught him to do. It is the funniest thing in the world - we were at the mall the other week and he was giving all the manniquens high fives and knuckles, depending on what their hands looked like (flat - high five, fist - knuckles). He chases gandalf (the dog) around and pushes him off his bed when he wants to play.

I'm starting an ASL business (as stated earlier) called, Rochelle with My Smart Hands. The original business is My Smart Hands, I'm just a "franchise". I'll use their cirriculum and materials, but I design the classes and such. When I'm put up on their website, I'll post the link. I'm very excited to be starting it!!

I'll do better at staying on top of this, but I'm not making promises. Updating this thing is like a full-time job!