Sunday, September 30, 2007

been to tejas

Well, Benji and I just got back from a trip to Houston, where we saw almost everyone on my side of the family! What a blast it was! We got back and are finally caught up on all our missed sleep. I don't have any pictures from the trip: so many people were taking pictures I never pulled my camera out. Shameful! Hopefully pictures will start rolling in and then I can get them up. Who wants to look at a blog without pictures? I surely don't. Sometime soon I'll drown this blog in so many posts and pictures it'll take weeks to look at all of it. Promises promises. Well, we'll see how many posts and pictures I'll get up. I just thought I'd let everyone know we are alive and happy. Jenee' is growing in my belly quite nicely. She is a whippersnapper! Constantly moving, unless someone else wants to feel her move and then she pretends to be sleeping. Attitude at such a young age! What *am* I going to do? Pray, a lot.

See ya!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

busy busy busy

I have completely slacked off in the blog department. I'm sure many have given up on me; I apologize. I've been super busy getting the house in order: organizing, decluttering, revamping, etc. I get those "nesting" urges throughout my whole pregnancy, not just at the end and I figure I'd better do something now while I still can move around pretty easily. I make myself extremely exhausted though. I worked worked worked and then this past week I've been busy rotting my brain by not doing a thing! It's been nice, but still I feel restless. Benjamin has been having a good time through it all. I'm trying to think of something new and exciting he's done, but I just can't make my brain function at this point. His favorite thing to do is go up and down stairs, go out on the balcony opening and closing the screen door, and showing off how cool he is by coming back inside! Impressive, I know! Ha ha. He is so cute. He does it alllll day! He *loves* doors and loves being outside. He watches the cars go by and hollers at them. He presses his face against the sliding doors at me making faces and laughing. It is too funny.

I know the blog has been lacking in regards of pictures. Lame, I know. The computer with the pictures isn't hooked up to the internet: our wireless card broke. Soo, I've got to copy them on to a device and then put them on this computer, and it just doesn't sound like fun when I'm exhausted after chasing Benji around and cleaning the house and all the other general nonsense. Well, before september is up, there'll be pictures on the blog.