Friday, September 19, 2008

changing your heart

I do love the song "1234" by Feist. I feel like it's my theme song for right now. Well, I say that only knowing half of the lyrics. Ha ha. I'll get back to you on that if I find out it means something totally different!

Lots of things are swarming around in my head right now. We're moving to Utah either the 5th or 6th of October. We're trying to get Nick admitted into school, a new job, a new home. We're trying to get things taken care of here, there and yonder. I'm excited for the new prospects that await us there. Schooling, work, family, and new undertakings. I don't want to say, but I do want to say exactly what. I've got so many ideas of what I can do to help support our little family so that Nick might not have to work so much while he's going to school.

It's times like these when I'm feeling bogged down with responsibility and urgency that music really speaks to me. I'm not that big on music. I know for most people they walk around with Ipods plugged into their ears constantly. When I drive, I keep the music off. When I clean, there's no music. When I sew (or whatever) there's no music. Throughout the day the only noises I hear are the laughter or cries of my children. I can almost go half of a day without talking. That is until Nick comes home and then I jabber his head off. No wonder my son doesn't talk, neither does his mother.
Anyway, right now I've got a list of 5 songs that rotate through my head all day long, so I just decided to play them on my computer, and now they rotate through the air waves in my house all day long. Until I get sick of them. Maybe I should put in different music, to lift me from the fog of overwhelm. I will tomorrow maybe. Right now I'm rolling around in it.

Never you fret, I am not in the depths of despair right now. I'm just overwhelmed and overstressed and overtempered (just keeping with the theme of the sentence).

We're getting our family pictures taken in a few weeks just when I'm feeling mega chubby. At this point I was supposed to be much smaller, however I have let my cravings take over my proper brain functions and now I am not smaller. I've got 2 weeks.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Just fine

Hey, I mentioned I was a bit stressed earlier. I'm fine now. I'm eating a cookie.

Friday, September 12, 2008


Hurricane, go away, come again another day (or not); little children, little children, little children want to play.

well, things are a bit crazy here in Houston. Hurricane Ike is headed our way, so we're hunkered down for now, waiting for the power to go out.

Will update everyone on how we're doing as we're able.

Grandmama, Grandpapa, and Kenneth are with us as well, so if you can't reach them on their cell phones, try our house phone.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Check out my poll

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When I talk about the 2 blogs I mean this one, and From Shelly's Belly


Sunday, September 7, 2008

moving. again?


yup, you read it right.

we're moving, again.


Utah. Somewhere from SLC to Provo - in either of those cities or between them. That all depends on what school Nick will go to.


October-ish. Sometime in the month of october, but there are some factors that will determine it.

If this is the first you're hearing of the move, you're not alone. I think besides 4 other people, everyone else is finding out through this blog (that is if they even read it, if not they'll find out another way).

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

service auction

I just came back from enrichment night for my church and it was so much fun! We had a service auction night. You came to the activity with things you could auction off. For example, free babysitting, weed your garden, tech support, sew things, dinner, dessert, gift cards, thank you cards, etc. You fill out a questionnare at the beginning to determine how many points you get. For example, did you say your morning prayers? did you serve a mission? did you ever own a new kids on the block tape? have you been married for 20 years? and there were points assigned to each thing. I had 300 points to bid with. It was so much fun! I won a photo session for my family with the pictures on a CD! How awesome! I'm so excited, Lisa W. is doing it, and I just love her to death! It has been so long since we've had pictures together as a family. I really wanted to win a babysitting one as well, but alas, so did everyone else! Ha ha! I donated some sewing things and a dessert. I love to sew things for other people more than myself, so I'm excited to get to sewing! I think the service auction would be a fun thing for a family home evening type thing when we have more kids and they're older... or for christmas gifts or something. I don't think you could auction your christmas gifts though, but a really awesome service could be given as a gift. Not like those "coupons" you give your mother for mother's day that you never redeem, but real ones!

Sherrie had a good idea that I should go to gift boutiques and try to see if they'd want to sell some of my creations there. I think it's a good idea, but also scary. What if they look at my things and say - lame! ? Oh well, I'll have to get to thinking about it and brainstorming about things I'd want to sell. I'd try it there, and then sometime in the next year I'd like to set up an etsy store. I need to find a fabric store close by that has higher quality fabrics though. Or just pay for shipping.