Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Donate to Nie Nie

I've seen this around a few blogs recently and never looked at it, until this morning. I am bawling right now about a family I don't even know. Three people were in a plane crash and one, Doug, died. Stephanie and Christian, husband and wife, have survived, but are in critical condition. Christian has 30% of his body burned and Stephanie has 80% of hers burned. They have 4 small children that are being taken care of by Stephanie's sister. If you go to the button on the sidebar you can donate and also see exactly who Stephanie (nie) is. Then you can go to her sister's blog to get updates and to really see how not only the neilsons (stephanie and christian) are, but their whole extended family. I am so grateful and happy to see the outpouring of love for this family. Heavenly Father is truly hearing the many thousands of prayers offered for them every minute. I hope that you'll take the time to look and remember this sweet family as you go about your life. If you have the means, of course, please donate what you can - their hospital bills will be in the millions. There are several blogs holding silent auctions I know one of my favorites, grosgrain, is and she has links to others as well.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

cell phone

I am posting this on both blogs, because I don't know who reads what (if at all). For those of you who have my phone number pay attention, for those of you who only know me in blog-land, you can ignore this post.

I just found my phone yesterday, after letting Benji play with it (how stupid of me) and he stuck it in some random little hole. I haven't had it for a little over a month and so I have surely missed countless calls. I found it, charged it and am now accepting phone calls! Just thought you should know.

Friday, August 22, 2008

play time

having a blast down here in Texas. We were playing under sheets last night - you know you throw them in the air and they float/fall down - they kids went wild over it!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

memories misty watercolored memories..

from the corners of my mind... (I really don't know the words, only the blurb from naked gun 22 1/2) oh.. I love that movie! (I wish I could remember my favorite quote from that movie better, I'll share it when I have a moment to watch it)

I was feeling a bit sentimental today and thought I'd post these pictures of Nick and I right before we moved to Tejas. I usually don't share these photos just because I'm looking quite rotund. Well, these don't showcase so much of the fat that they're illegal, so I'll post 'em.

Monday, August 18, 2008

swirl this car around!

yesterday was a bit of a braindead day for me. I'm not quite sure what was going on, but Nick told me several times that I should go back to bed. When he didn't say that he just looked at me funny. I had a great time! For instance, when we were leaving for church I was backing out of the garage to do a K-turn. Well, I didn't turn the wheel enough as I was going forward so I had to reverse again before I hit the flowerbed. Anyway, I exclaimed, "oh! I didn't swirl the car enough, sorry!" Swirl the car? you mean turn it?? yep. so all day I kept saying Nick you'd better behave or I'll swirl this car around! Yeah, I'm that cool. I think it's going to be my new saying.

What else... I continually got words mixed up and couldn't think of things. I blurted out random things that had no connection to anything else. Here's an example from our first year of marriage (because I honestly can't remember what I said yesterday): I was cleaning up the living room and was not wanting to pick up after Nick so I said, "is that your fork?" while pointing to a pen on the floor. Nick walked into the room as I repeated the question and he just burst out laughing. I think that instance keeps getting brought up at least once a month when I do something similar. I think it's early onset alzheimers. I really hope not. I say it's children - I guess it'd probably be dangerous if I had too many children there's no way to tell what would happen to me. I wish I could remember what else I did and said, all I know was I was singing a lot, talking a lot, and laughing a TON!

Friday, August 15, 2008

family time

Well, I finally get to blog about the vacation type things we've done! We didn't do anything, but Nick's family did. Chad, Michelle, Kendall, and Austin came down last wednesday and left (too soon!) on sunday. We had so much fun! We drove around looking for treasures and heckled each other. We ate and ate and ate! Austin played with Benji almost the whole time! Benji is so lonely now. Kendall hung out with the "big kids" and we had so much fun! They were here for so long and these 3 pictures are all I have documenting that they were here. How sad for me. The boys are playing with benji in the mcdonald's play thingy. Us girls are hanging out watching and waiting for Chad to bring us our meal. Such service. It was so sad when they had to leave, something about having to go back to work was their sorry excuse. Oh I wish we were around more family; it really made me realize how much I miss them. If you know me at all (Jared) you know I'm not the "i miss people" type of person. Now I am. I guess that's part of getting old: your knees creak and you miss people. Never mind the gray hair, I've had that since I was 12.