Saturday, August 11, 2007

Let the voting being!

Well, since we're having a sweet baby girl (of course she'll be sweet) we're wanting to know your opinion. We have decided to name her Jenee' Nicole, but some of you have been overly excited (in a bad way) about how we're spelling her name. We chose this way because #1 Nick's old childhood friend spelled it that way, and she was a very dear friend to him; #2 my middle name is Renee' - so it's kinda like naming her after me without being lame and naming her after me directly (also her middle name, Nicole, is a kind of way of naming her after Nick - again without naming her after him). #3 we've always thought we'd spell it that way, so it's rather difficult to change that mind setting. Some of you have said, oh but no one will know how to say her name, they'll say Jenny instead. Well, it does have an ' at the end, and it would probably only take one time to correct people for them to get it.

We've made a poll for you to vote on, you'd better only vote once (mom!) or you'll ruin it completely. Feel free to leave your thoughts on your vote as well. I'd actually like to hear them. We are in no way guaranteeing that we will choose the final result, but after much contemplating and debating, we will decide. That is why your comments would be particularly helpful.

Thanks for your help!