Saturday, November 1, 2008

just some pictures

just after Jenee' got her ears pierced. She was hysterical when they cleaned her ears and then put the dot on. She got them done and then saw a stuffed bear and didn't even remember whas was wrong! They are cute little pink flowers; love it!
Benji standing under the dining table at Nana's house. He was making faces at her for the camera! Too funny. Nick didn't want me to put this picture as our desktop wallpaper - I guess he doesn't like to laugh.
Jenee' eating one of the best cookies ever - Oreos! I think that's even the good cool mint ones! Ohhhh boy! I can eat a whole package by myself in about a half hour!
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crazymamma said...

oh rochelle..they are adorable! the kids are getting sooo big! It is crazy! WE miss you guys soo is utah? did you have a good halloween?