Monday, November 3, 2008

halloween cosutmes

Well, I made their costumes, however, I just bought new re-chargeable batteries and didn't realize you had to pre-charge them before use. They really should put that on the packaging. So, I only got a few lame pictures of their costumes. I say lame because they weren't very clear, or their costume was all helter skelter because of tugging. The rest of the night they did wonderfully with them. They were just adorable! Benji was a wolf and Jenee' a lamb. Benji totally got into trick or treating. He would hold up his bucket and then say thank you over and over again and then good-bye. He ran from car to car excited about all the candy. Now that's all he wants to eat, candy. I also made Kendall's costume - who you see in the pics with Benj.

She's half stuffed because she just got too hot - so she's not as poofy as she was designed to be. She was still the cutest little lamb I ever beheld.

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